Educational Courses

Educational Courses

Educational Course

There is a huge need for a condensed course that acts like a study guide resource for individuals that are preparing for the BCIA certification exam. In fact, there is no other course like mine in existence! Not in any capacity! That's how huge of a need there is. If you've taken the full 48 hour course, the amount of information that is thrown at you is like getting hit in the face with a fire hydrant. It certainly felt that way for me! 

And because I have designed my own BCIA accredited, 48 hour didactic course and have an extremely successful neurofeedback practice, I am very familiar with the content you need to master to pass the exam, but also to help you be successful with neurofeedback in your own organization or practice. 

So, here's what I did, I condensed my course into a manageable 24 hour course that highlights the important terms and concepts you might see on the exam, or that you can take for 24 hours of worth of CEU credit towards re-certification in neurofeedback. As a third option, if you've already taken the exam, you can chose which modules you aren't as strong in, and just purchase those to study. 

Not only will you get access to my full course content or individual modules, you will have access to me! I'm available to all of my Neuro nerds (that's what I call my students) via email to answer any questions you might have while you prepare for the exam. I’ve also created a private Facebook page that you will be added to after you purchase the course. I am very active in the page and you will meet like minded individuals that you can consult with now and forever. Awesome, right?! Also, if you sign up for 10 mentoring sessions with yours truly, you'll get access to the entire course.... FOR FREE! If you're ready to be infused with my humor and wit, and of course my knowledge in neurofeedback, click the LOG IN/SIGN UP button in the bottom right hand corner now!