IEP Testing

IEP Testing

Individual Education Plan Testing

It can be extremely frustrating see your child struggling in school. There is often a lot of back and forth between the teacher and you, the parent, regarding your child’s performance and emotional well being. Sometimes, the school social worker or even someone higher up, like the principal must get involved to mediate a change in how the school helps your child learn. And

Psychological testing has many uses and can be applied to a variety of settings. One of the main areas where we use psychological testing to help our patients is for the purpose of helping a school district create an individual education plan (IEP) that will create an environment conducive to the individual’s unique needs.

Families seek out our testing services because we provide in depth cognitive, neurocognitive, and emotional functioning assessments with a myriad of recommendations for both the school, social, and community environments, which provides the family with concrete data they can use to advocate for their child to receive accommodations to better help their child learn.

It has been our experience that IEP testing can help facilitate a quicker resolution to get accommodations in place so your child can start feeling less stressed and start enjoying (okay, maybe not completely enjoying!) school.