Luke Cottingham, MA

Lukas Cottingham, MA, Diagnostic Extern

Lukas Cottingham, MA, Diagnostic Extern


A little about me? Great question! Well, I suppose I’ll start with my education.

I graduated from a small college in Greenville, Illinois with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Biology. I learned a lot there, but one lesson stood out: I loved learning so much that I wanted to continue my education.  

After I completed my degrees there, I moved to Chicago – a big change from the small town of Greenville! I attended Adler University, where I earned my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in forensics! (A great way to combine Bio and Psych, right?) It was another big step for me and confirmation that I was in the right place.

After some encouragement from my professors, I decided to continue my education even further! I am now in the Clinical Psychology doctorate program at Adler University! As part of my training, I have the pleasure of interning here at Cerebrum – gaining valuable experience and learning more about neuropsychology and neurofeedback.

That’s all for my education so far, but I realized something during this journey.

I’ve had so many mentors over the years that have encouraged me to continue my education. They really helped make me who I am today. I appreciate them so much! And I realized that not everyone has mentors like that…

So… I wanted to give that kind of encouragement to others. During my Master’s, I began volunteering with a nonprofit that provides after-school programs for elementary and high school students in Chicago! I’ve been working with them for almost three years now, and I’ve loved seeing the organization grow and continue to show Chicago students that they can be anything they want!

 Education isn’t all I do though.

… Okay, maybe it’s most of what I do, but I also love reading and writing.

My favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and (in addition to all the academic writing I do) I also write short stories in my spare time. Maybe someday I will be able to compile them into a book!

I’m excited to be working at Cerebrum, and I look forward to working with you!