Treatment for mental health disorders

Treatment for mental health disorders


Neurofeedback seems like a crazy concept. We’ve heard it referred to as hocus pocus, or something out of a sci fi movie, but in actuality, it's not that complicated. Your brain makes changes everyday based on the readings it gets from your body, and the environment. You learn new ways of doing things every time you have an experience that gives you feedback.

Any time you want to learn a new skill, you might make several attempts before you get it right. The failed attempts provide your brain with negative feedback, your desire to learn the skill right provides you with the motivation to keep trying, and when you finally learn the new skill, the positive feedback and feelings you get from mastering something new creates a pathway in your brain. Now, any time you want to do that skill, your brain knows the way! 

This is how neurofeedback works. It helps your brain create new pathways by teaching it how to work more efficiently. Specifically with regards to mental health, it helps decrease the symptoms that interfere with your life, so you can get back to doing what you love. By providing your brain with positive or negative feedback, your brain learns to create more balanced, efficient brainwaves, which in turn helps you become a more balanced and efficient YOU. 

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