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Changing your Brain

It's another morning. You're exhausted, even though you're pretty sure you got a good nights sleep. The self-doubt and the anxiety that you have carried like a well-worn sweater weigh down on you for yet another day. Your thoughts race, you can't concentrate, what was it your boss, teacher, spouse, said?

You're usually really good at putting on a brave face, even though you constantly feel the chaos stirring inside of you, but the stress of holding it all together is beginning to take its toll. 

You're on medication. It's not working. You're in therapy. Relief isn't coming fast enough.

Or maybe your medications and therapy have helped, but you're still feeling like something is missing. 

You are one of the millions of people who turn to the mental health field to feel better, but end up on this crazy journey towards stability that involves a myriad of medications, doctors, therapists, misdiagnoses, failed treatment attempts, maybe even hospitalization.

The decision to seek treatment can be a difficult one, fraught with fear, and added anxiety. How do I pick a therapist that understands me? What if when I pick a therapist, it doesn’t work out? Are there any other alternatives if I don’t want to take medications? What will my family or friends think about me if they find out I have a mental illness?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing to get help doesn’t have to be complicated, and most of the time it just takes one step, recognizing that you think you might benefit from additional help. If you've already gone the traditional route, perhaps it's time to try something new. I can help you get there. Ready to get started? Me too.

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